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 3AA Battery Pack for Electronic Insects
There are many situations where you will need to operate the electronic butterflies, dragonflies and moths when there is no electrical outlet in sight. 3AA battery packs are the perfect solution to this! Battery packs in particular become handy when you are decorating for outdoor events that have limited access to electricity such as for a weddings, parties and special events. You can even attach an electronic butterfly, dragonfly, or moth to your clothing (with a safety-pin) using a 3AA battery pack and it will appear as if a real butterfly has landed on your shoulder! Whether you have a Complete Kit, an Add-on Kit, or a 3-Kit our battery packs are fully compatible with all of our electronic products and they are easy to use, just unplug your AC adapter and connect your 3AA battery pack. The 3AA battery pack holds three AA batteries (batteries not included) and will only work for a limited number of hours, at which point the wings will move less frequently until the batteries are fully drained of power. We recommend you use one battery pack per electronic insect.

3AA Battery Pack

Size: 2.7" x 2" x 0.6"
Type: accessory
Item#: E06807ACB
Price: $7.50
Electronic Moving Butterfly, Moth and Dragonfly Accessories

Price: $7.50

Price: $4.50

Price: $4.50

Price: $6.50

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