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If you are looking for a single framed butterfly to add to your collection or to give as a gift, your in the perfect place to find what you are looking for! We offer a large variety of beautifully framed butterflies and moths with the latin name of each species printed below each insect you order. Single framed butterflies look great if you are decorating with other singular butterflies on the same wall in a collage fashion, or if you have limited wall space they will fit perfectly since they don't take up a lot of room! There are also assorted butterflies in gift boxes for easy use as both birthday gifts and holiday gifts.
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Single Butterfly (Assorted)

Charaxes Smaragdalis Butterfly

Graphium Weiskei Butterfly

5" x 5"
Papilio Demodocus Butterfly

5" x 5"
Papilio Polydorus

5" x 5"
The Common Tiger (Danaus Genutia)

5" x 5"
Hebomoia Glaucippe Butterfly

5" x 5"
Butterflies and moths (in the order Lepidoptera) are found in a wide variety of environments all around the world including: hot and cold, dry and moist, and high and low altitudes, rain forests and tundra included. Tropical areas have the most variety of butterflies since they can fly all year long. This is because their larval and adult food sources are almost always available. Butterfly species in other parts of the world fly only at certain times of the year and remain dormant during the times that they cannot find food for their offspring. In temperate areas, the life span of adult butterflies can vary greatly. For many of the species that thrive in temperate zones, between their hibernation and migration periods, they live as adults for between 6 to 12 months tops. However, for the majority of species their adult life-span is the shortest period of their life because it is their reproductive stage and they only live long enough to mate and lay eggs.

There are only about 12 families of butterflies in the Lepidoptera order. Most adult butterflies and moths feed on nectar sucked from nearby flowers. In the process they facilitate the transfer of pollen from one flower to another making many plants dependent on moths or butterflies for successful pollination. Like moths, butterflies have coiled, sucking mouthparts and two separate wings that function as a single pair.

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