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 Butterfly Dangle Earrings Made of Wings

Embellish yourself with butterfly dangle earrings, as a convenience gift or given with a jewelry gift box, offered in red or black velvet. Contoured to match the shape and outline of the wing captured inside, each butterfly dangle earring is perfect, without any excess of material to obscure your view of nature's finest creations. Butterfly dangle earrings made of wings make cool, glamorous, fun-spirited, and even sophisticated dangle earrings that you can wear and still look professional! Each pair of butterfly dangle earrings has intricate details on every wing that only nature can produce!

You'll notice there are no rough edges at all on the clear coating surrounding each pair of butterfly dangle earrings. Instead each butterfly's wing encasement is completely smooth and scratch-free when you order from our company. Whereas some companies make butterfly earrings artificially using printed photographs instead of actual insect wings, our company on the other hand, offers only the real thing! This not an imitation product, our butterfly dangle earrings are made of 100% real insect wings guaranteed.

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