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 Butterfly Insects in Clear Acrylic Frames
Compared to all other insects, none elicit more pleasure and spur curiosity better than butterflies. Butterfly insects are truly one of natures most beautiful gifts, appreciated by all who encounter them. This is why when you are considering a gift for that special someone choose acrylic frame butterflies and rest assured they'll love it. Choose from an impressive array of mounted butterflies in acrylic or black frames including every imaginable magnificent display of mixed butterfly species. Remember frame will come with its own unique mixture of butterflies.

Each year more than ten North American butterfly species migrate Northward starting early in the spring to about midsummer and then their migrations turn Southward from late summer to the fall. With the conspicuous exception of Monarchs, the annual migrations for most of the migratory butterfly species goes largely unnoticed. Occasionally migratory species, such as the Painted Lady butterflies in California, will achieve such a spectacular level of abundance that they swarm even the freeways and cannot be ignored as they gather in the tens of thousands! Just as soon as their numbers decline to normal levels, public interest almost entirely evaporates and no further notice is taken until the next outbreak of beautiful butterflies. Yet, for those who watch them carefully, butterflies are always out there, steadily making there way through the air, as the seasons dictate.
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2 Blue Morpho's, 2 Green w/ Blue Matting


2 Blue and 2x Mauve w/ Blue Matting


One of the most interesting things about butterflies is how some species migrate as part of their natural survival pattern. Many butterflies migrate to avoid adverse environmental conditions, like cold weather. Butterfly migrations are not as well understood as we'd like to think. However, most migrate relatively short distances (Examples: the Painted Lady, the Red Admiral, and the Common Buckeye), but few (like Monarchs) migrate over 2,000 miles in a year. Due to the average butterfly's inability to fight strong winds, their migratory patterns are usually not as concentrated as those of birds, but on the rare occasions that it occurs its every bit as amazing and dramatic a spectacle as the annual migrations of birds. After all of this traveling the only thing an adult butterfly has time to do, besides flying, is reproduce.
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