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 Butterfly Release Wedding Instructions

Live Butterfly Release Instructions for Weddings:
Designate a list of guests who will release the live butterflies.
2.) Hand out the sealed butterfly envelopes to your selected guests by having them form a line.
3.) Collectively surround the bride and groom and read from the (included) American Indian Butterfly Legend.
4.) Photographers need to be especially ready right at this moment!
5.) First the wedding bride and groom each whisper a wish to their live butterflies, then all of the guests holding live butterflies do the same.
6.) Now everyone opens their envelopes to reveal a living butterfly that takes flight and carries their wishes to the spirit world.

Painted Lady Butterflies for Live Butterfly Release:

Customize Your Painted Lady Envelopes!
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Handheld Butterfly Cage or Buy the Set!
(Available for Painted Lady Butterfly Orders)
Price: $39

Butterfly Display Cage or Buy the Set!
(Available for Painted Lady Butterfly Orders)
Price: $49

Butterfly Release Decorator Box
(Available for Painted Lady Butterfly Orders)
Price: $29

Collapsible Butterfly Release Container 4"x5" size
(Available for Painted Lady Butterfly Orders)
Price: $7.50
Monarch Butterflies for Live Butterfly Release:

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