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One of the most precious things life has to offer us is to share a memorable nature experience with someone special. If you ever have the opportunity to a butterfly migration you will find that it is truly something that you will never forget. During a Painted lady migration there can be literally millions of these delicate whimsical winged creatures passing by! Human fascination and enthusiasm regarding the butterfly migration phenomenon stems primarily from the sheer enjoyment of watching a major wonder of nature unfold in front of your very eyes. Without a doubt, these annual two-way butterfly migrations are among the most amazing accomplishments of the insect world. Another way to have a butterfly migration in the privacy of your home is with the help of color coordinated butterfly frames. These magnificent displays use different multiple butterfly and moth species together in one beautiful wall hanging frame.
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4 Graphium Weiskei w/ Lilac Matting

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow Butterflies

Six Butterflies

6 Butterflies Assorted Colorful


6 Butterflies Assorted Colorful


9 Assorted Blue Butterflies

9 Butterflies Assorted Colorful

In particular, American Painted Lady (Vanessa virginiensis) migrations are quite different from that of Monarch and Red Admiral butterfly migrations, which have a more or less regular yearly seasonal migration, with Painted Ladies tending to migrate more sporadically. In fact, often they do not migrate every year, with the size of their migrations varying greatly depending on the climatic and environmental conditions. In arid, or tropical, regions where Painted Lady butterflies originate extreme temperatures and variations in rainfall could wipe out entire local populations of this species. Under such strained conditions, migration seems a better strategy than death. The evidence is mounting that climatic anomalies, like El Niño, can trigger large-scale migrations of Painted Ladies and other butterflies. You can have your very own American Painted Lady and Monarch butterfly migration at your special event using our live butterfly release services!
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