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Floral Design Award Won by a Florist who heavily incorporated our butterflies in their is based in Sherman Oaks, California and has been involved in internet business non-stop since 1998. During its many years of growth and full-time operation the company has established an impressive list of satisfied clients, many of which you may recognize (see below). was created to serve the increasing demands by clients for framed and mounted insects, live butterflies, as well as novel electronic moving butterflies, moths and dragonflies.On this one web site alone there are over 400 unique insect products to choose from, all exclusively within the insect genre.


Exhibits, Event Planners, and Interior Decorators:
Saks Fifth Avenue on Broadway in New York City
Haddenbrook Interior Decors in Las Vegas, Nevada
Caribbean Exhibits
Rafanelli Events Planners in Boston, Massachusetts
Royal Palaces Special Events Coordinators in Los Angeles, California
James Lynch - President of the Associated Florists of Southern California (AFSC). Director and Producer of "Cirque Du Fleur" floral magic show at the Disneyland Hotel.

Hotels, Inns, Gift Shops, and Cafes:

Walt Disney World Gift Shop in Tampa, Florida
Loews Five Star Hotel in Santa Monica, California
Bellagio Hotel Gift Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada
StarGazzers Inn and Observatory Gift Shop in Big Bear, California
Clarion Hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
RainForest Cafe in Las Vegas and San Francisco, California
Mimi's Cafe in Corona, California

Chiropractors, Hospitals, and Patient Care Centers:

New York City Hospital, New York
Loving Touch Family Chiropractic based in Hiram, Georgia
St. Vincent Medical Hospital in Los Angeles, California
Life Care Centers of America

Parks, Museums and Wildlife Conventions:

Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs, Indianapolis
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Convention
Florida Museum of Natural History

City, State and Federal Governments, and a U.S. Consulate:

Office of the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ireland U.S. Consulate
City of Palmdale, California
Vice President for Communications and Federal Affairs of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce in Phoenix, Arizona

Commercials, Advertisements and Television:
B.E.T. - Black Entertainment Television Awards
NYPD Blue in Los Angeles, California (used on the television show as murder weapon)
TV3 in Dublin, Georgia
Next Day Products commercial in Atlanta, Georgia
Mutual of Omaha commercial
Walt Disney Broadway Play Tarzan
Han International in B.C. Columbia
Lexus commercial by Chased by Cowboys Studio in Venus, California
Moxie Pictures Nationwide Insurance film advertisement

Colleges, Science Centers and Educational Tools:
NASA / JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, California
President of Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida (the unveiling this product caught the attention of CNN News)
Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles
Science Center at Wellesley College in Missouri

Sports and Car Racing:
NFL - National Football League
Awards Trophy at Norwalk Raceways in Norwalk, Ohio

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