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 Double and Triple Vert Butterfly Frames
Our beautiful double and triple vertically displayed butterfly frames allows you to have a wide range of choices. We also have round double glass metal frames and square plus vertical frames to accommodate all your decorating needs. Airtight framed real butterflies and moths make a unique gift for that special someone in your life. Every butterfly frame contains from three to seven farm raised butterflies including: Papilio Ulysses, Blue Morphos, Glasswing butterflies and many more species!

There are several benefits you can get by purchasing a framed butterfly display. For one you will have a hand-made, one of a kind natural art piece and at the same time you will also help to preserve nature. This is because your purchase of framed butterflies contributes directly to the preservation of butterfly populations and their native habitats such as tropical rainforests. Every butterfly is farm-raised and none of them are endangered species. Each insect gets collected by villagers and their families located in remote jungle areas. Help villagers resist selling their forest lands to paper companies for clear cutting by supporting them with your purchase of a framed butterfly.
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Double Butterflies (Yellow, Green, Blue)

Twin Papilio Ulysses


2 Metallic Blue Morphos

Three Small Callicore Butterflies

Three Vertical Butterflies

Three Vertical Butterflies

Butterflies and moths have a very unique life-cycle transformation which is very different from all other living creatures in nature. All members of the order Lepidoptera undergo a complete metamorphosis which encompasses four different life stages. Unlike many other insects, butterflies don't experience a nymph period, but instead go through a metamorphosis from egg stage to caterpillar or larva stage, from caterpillar to pupa or chrysalis, and from chrysalis to an adult butterfly or imago, (it is doubtless as the most generally known fact concerning the life histories of insects). A typical example of complete transformations as distinguished from the manner of grasshoppers growth, crickets growth, and many other insects in which the young hatch from the egg bearing a general resemblance to adults of the species in which there is no quiet chrysalis stage when the little creature is unable to eat or to move about. Each stage in the life-cycle s of butterflies is important to know in order to protect the species in nature and for preserving future generations of these beautiful creatures!
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