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  Electronic Moving Insects F.A.Q.

What Makes the Electronic Insects Move Their Wings?
Robotic moving insects are made possible because of a new "wire muscle" technology that makes their wings move silently with very few moving parts. This "wire muscle" technology has also been used in other forms of robotics, prosthetics and on the recent NASA Mars Rover. This single strand of wire is made of a special nickel-titanium alloy that contracts, like a muscle, when heated by an electric current and relaxes again when the current ceases.

Do the Electronic Butterflies Use a Lot of Electricity?
No, they use very little electricity... only 5 Watts! They are one of the few products available that uses such a low amount of power to produce such a dramatic effect. Even if an electronic butterfly is left on 24 hours a day everyday, it shouldn't cost more than pennies per month to operate.

What is a Complete Kit?
This is the initial electronic moving insect that you will need to get started. A Complete Kit comes with everything in the package that you will need to make it work, such as an AC adapter, the moving insect circuit, a pair of wings, and over ten feet of thin wire. The complete moving insect kit is very east to hook up because it comes with two tiny wire legs that you can use to wrap around around almost any object, then you just plug it in and see how cool it is to have a realistic moving butterfly, moth, or dragonfly in your house!

What is an Add-on Kit?
The Add-on Kit comes packaged just like a Complete Kit except that instead of having an AC adapter it has a "Y" plug splitter that you can use to connect with up to two additional Add-on Kits and one Complete Kit so that you will only have to use one electrical outlet. Add-on Kits need a 110V source to work, since they don't already come with one you must purchase either an accessory AC adapter or a Complete Kit that comes with one. Add-on kits are great for when you want to setup displays with multiple butterflies, dragonflies or moths and you don't want to have to use up a lot of plugs.

How Many Different Types of Electronic Insects are There?
We currently we have 24 electronic insects species ranging across the butterfly, dragonfly, moth, and firefly species. If you are not sure which to choose, we recommend that you start with the American butterflies, sorted by popularity: Monarch Butterfly, Blue Morpho Butterfly, Old World Swallowtail Butterfly, Clodius Butterfly, Dog Face Butterfly, American Painted Lady Butterfly, and Florida's state Zebra Longwing Butterfly. Many of our customers also prefer the very beautiful and realistic tropical butterflies: Violet Morpho Butterfly, Ulysses Butterfly, Green Birdwing Butterfly, Postman Butterfly, Sangaris Butterfly, Meridan Butterfly, or you may opt for some of the world's most colorful moths such as the Sunset Moth and the Emperor Moth. To produce an additional effect you may wish to acquire electronic dragonflies (two per package for one low price): Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly, Little Blue Dragonlet Dragonfly, Halloween Pennant Dragonfly, Roseate Skimmer Dragonfly, Widow Skimmer Dragonfly, and the Golden Winged Skimmer Dragonfly. For those into glow products we have some very cool glow in the dark butterflies: the Glowing Tropical Butterfly and the Glowing Giant Firefly. Its fun for kids, collectors and everyone who loves to collect and enjoy butterflies!

Can Electronic Butterflies be Plugged in All the Time?
Yes! The moving electronic butterflies, dragonflies, and moths use a minuscule amount of electricity and can be safely plugged in almost all the time. This is also the case when you have additional Add-on Kit strung together and powered by one AC adapter. Electronic moving insects also do not generate any heat even after hours or days of use, they don't create any type of fire hazard.

What Type of Current is Needed to Operate the Moving Insects?
Each electronic moving butterfly, moth, and dragonfly uses a 110 Volt 60H USA standard electrical outlet. If you are from another country that uses a different power source, no problem, we have a selection of alternative power sources available. Please call our office, or email us, and let us know your requirements so that we can send you the correct power source for your country.

Can the Electronic Butterflies be Battery Operated?
There are times when you may need to operate the electronic butterflies with a battery pack, such as at a wedding, for centerpieces on tables, and even if you want to have a moving butterfly on your t-shirt with the help of a safety-pin! For moments like these we offer an accessory battery pack that will allow your butterfly to work for hours. The only problem is that as the batteries start losing power the wings fluttering frequency will slow down. You must purchase battery packs separately and they work for both Complete Kits and Add-on Kits.

How Long is the Wire from the Transformer to the Moving Insect?
Moving butterfly, moth, and dragonfly wiring is over 10 feet long from the AC Adaptor to the winged bug body. This splits into two parts: the winged bug body to the cocoon shaped circuit (female end), and the AC adaptor to the plug (male end), both are 5 feet long and connect together to give you 10 feet overall. The same specifications also apply to the moving dragonflies and moths.

How Many Butterflies can be Placed on One Circuit?
It is recommended that you only have up to four electronic butterflies, moths, or dragonflies powered by one AC adapter. This would be the same as one Complete Kit and three Add-on Kits. This is the limit because when you string more moving winged insects than this there is not enough current to go around. Many of our customers use power strips to plug in as many AC adaptors as they want. Power strips help a lot when you are setting up large displays of electronic butterflies, moths, and dragonflies.

Are Electronic Butterflies Hard to Hook Up?
No! They are very easy to hook up and you can actually have a lot of fun in the process. You simply take the winged insect out of the package and make sure the wings are in the "up" position. Then take the tiny wire legs coming from the lightweight bug body and wrap the wires around an object. You can also use clear tape or a safety-pin to keep the butterfly legs in place. The butterflies, dragonflies and moths are all lightweight and will usual stay in place once you securely attach them to something. For the best visual effect, meticulously hide the wiring leading from the bug body, then plug the adaptor to an outlet or power strip. You can be as creative as you want when setting up multiple displays of beautiful butterflies, dragonflies, and moths. If you have any trouble hooking up your butterflies please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Where Should I Put my Moving Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Moths?
You can place electronic moving insects on just about any object you wish! These amazing lightweight moving creatures have a very realistic and natural wing movement just like the real insects the emulate! They have tiny wire legs which you can use to rap around an object or put a small piece of tape across the legs to make them stick to a flat surface. People decorate with our moving insects on their TV's, computers, floral displays, lamps, picture frames, and to fool people put them anywhere a real butterfly might be expected to land. There are also beautiful bubbling wall mirrors that look great with a moving butterflies attached to them.

Can the Electronic Butterflies be Placed Outdoors?
If you have an outdoor event like a wedding, party or special occasion and the butterflies will not be exposed to wet weather it is alright to use them, but we don't suggest that you leave them outdoors permanently. Electronic insects may be affected by weather conditions causing them not to work and they can be accidentally ruined more easily outdoors. However, the wings of our electronic insects are made of UV resistant pigments and they will not fade even if exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. So you can place your electronic moving moths, dragonflies, and butterflies behind a window without having to think twice about their wings losing color! Every mechanical insect is so realistic that wherever you place them people will think a real live butterfly has landed. Please feel free to contact us if you are planning to use them for a special purpose and you have specific requirements that you'd like to run past us to make sure everything will work.

Do Electronic Butterflies Make any Noise or Sound?
None at all! They are completely silent when they are operational, just like a real live butterfly. This makes them perfect for placing in a bedroom, baby nursery, or any location where complete silence is necessary. Our electronic winged insects are one of the very few products that you can purchase which will not become annoying over time, but will add continual enjoyment indefinitely.

What Size are the Electronic Butterflies, Dragonflies and Moths?
Each electronic moving insect is about the same size of the real winged insect that they emulate. Which is why it is so easy to fool people into thinking that a real butterfly has landed, you can usually only fool a person one time! In different geographic locations some species may be smaller or larger depending on the exact species and environmental conditions. In total, the electronic moving winged insects have wings that average 4 1/2 inches across, from the wing tip to wing tip. We have taken care to duplicate even the edges the insect wings so that they are as realistic as that of the real insect. Even our electronic dragonflies have stunningly realistic translucent wings, just like the real ones, with the same colorations, size and movements that the real insects make when they have landed.

How Many Times do the Electronic Insects Move Their Wings?
All of the moving insects flap their wings gracefully about 6-7 times a minute. The wing motions of each electronic insect was designed to specifically emulate the real insect as they air their wings out while clinging to a plant. Their calming movements is what makes them so soothing to watch. When you have multiple moving insects connected to together their wings will flutter independently one after another. Use electronic butterflies, dragonflies, and moths to make a perpetual butterfly garden effect in your home.

What Should I do if the Wings Aren't Flapping Correctly?
Sometimes during shipping or unpacking, a wing may get pushed downward. To fix it gently pull the wings up with two fingers, one under each wing, and push down with your thumb in the middle - at which point you should hear the wings snap back in place. Sometimes the wind, a person, or an animal may brush up against your butterfly display and bend one, or both, wings back down again. If you notice that a wing is bent down and not flapping anymore, don't worry, just pop it back in place, it is very easy to do once you try it a couple of times. Also, wings are very easy to switch out, if you are looking to spice up your existing display just get a few extra wings and put them on whenever you want to change the look of your butterfly display. This is fun because someone comes over to your house they will see the new butterfly and think that another butterfly has landed in the same place as the last one!

What Type of a Warranty Comes with the Moving Insects?
Every moving-wing insect is designed to last for years. If it should fail because of manufacturers defect during the first year we will be happy to provide you with a free replacement of your defective product. To get your free replacement please return the defective electronic moving insect and all of its components to the address provided on the back of the package, or you use the company address of this web site. We cannot pay for your shipping costs to return the item, but we will pay the shipping on your new one.

Where are the Electronic Moving Insects Made?
All of the electronic moving dragonfly, moth, and butterfly products are made in Southern California, USA.

Do you Offer Wholesale Prices for Resellers?
We welcome any reseller to apply for wholesale access! Once you try our unique line of electronic moving insects you'll soon realize that they not only enhance the look of your store or business by using a few of them as moving decorations, but you can also increase your monthly sales. Moving butterflies, dragonflies, and moths are so popular they practically sell themselves! There are still many locations around the country, and especially around the world, that have not been exposed to our life-like moving winged insects. Stores such as, gift shops, home and garden centers, nature stores, novelty shops, and anywhere people expect colorfulness could do well by putting them on their shelves. Once your application has been approved wholesale buyers will receive a username and password by email or phone granting them online access to our wide range of unique wholesale products. We invite dealers, bulk buyers, and distributors to call us directly about our moving butterflies, dragonflies, and moths using our toll free number 888-244-4059.

Are Electronic Butterflies Available in Other Countries?
There are only a few countries that regularly sell our electronic butterflies, Canada and Australia. If you are from a country that uses a different power source than the USA standard, no problem, we have a selection of alterative power sources. Please call 818-883-4059, or email, our office if you are having trouble locating the right plug for your country's electrical standard and we'll see if we can send you the power source that will work for you.

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