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 Exotic Blue Colored Butterfly Frames

We make it very easy for you to start your butterfly collection using our beautiful and graceful insects, each mounted in a professional frame. Each and every exotic framed butterfly display is a lovely example of nature's beauty and can't be fully appreciated by looking at photographs alone. We offer some of the most beautiful framed exotic blue colored butterflies available anywhere! Every butterfly comes individually set in a see thru double glass frame including the Sunset moth (Urania riphaeus), Blue Morpho butterfly (Peleides Hyacinthus) and several more species of the "Papilio" Swallowtail butterflies. Framed real butterfly displays make great decorations and gifts for weddings and any special occasion.

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Butterfly watching is a vastly growing hobby across the globe. Some people simply enjoy just watching butterflies gracefully passes by, while others avidly collect and study butterflies using nets to capture them one at a time. People who study and/or collect butterflies (or moths) in a serious manner are called lepidopterists. Worldwide there are between 15,000 and 28,000 species of butterflies known to exist. In the USA and Canada there are about 725 butterfly species, while in Mexico alone there are about 2,000 different butterflies species. Over 80% of all butterflies species almost exclusively inhabit the tropics. This means there are enough butterflies to keep you blissfully occupied watching, studying and collecting them for a lifetime.

If you are interested in butterflies beyond their intrinsic beauty , we have included some very interesting facts. This information is located on every web page and is provided to be beneficial to all people from insect novices to advanced entomologists.
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