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 Firefly LED Landscape Lighting - 12Volt

Lighting Built to Replicate Real Firefly Bugs
Bring the wonder, excitement and magic of Mother Nature to your yard with our firefly LED landscape lighting kits powered by either a single 12 Volt transformer or hook them up to your pre-installed 12 Volt Malibu wiring system. Our randomly blinking firefly lights mimic the color of real fireflies and their natural lighting patterns to provide you with a great lightning bug effect each evening and every night of the year! Each individual and realistic firefly light has been developed to accurately recreate the flashing, flickering, and fading of how real fireflies in your yard, garden, or elsewhere would appear. Our firefly lighting effects arewater resistant enough to be left outdoors during even some of the most rugged weather conditions.

The Long-Lasting Firefly Lighting Solution
The 14 electronic fireflies kit below is easy to install to your existing Malibu lights that have a 12 Volt AC UL approved landscape lighting power transformer. Realistic and life-like firefly lights blend in perfectly with just about any landscape plants, trees and vegetation that exists! Your friends and family will be amazed when they think they are seeing real fireflies glowing in your yard! Each LED firefly light lasts for over 100,000 hours of operation giving you years of constant enjoyment to look forward to! Now you can finally bring the joy of fireflies into your yard, garden or other setting with our amazing life-like LED firefly lights that use a low maximum of 4 Watts to operate at night or in the dark!

Transformer Powered Electronic LED Firefly Lights - 14 Fireflies

Includes: 14 Firefly Landscape Lighting Units
Cord: 28' long span
Item#: E06061FMT
Price: $179
(The low voltage 12Volt AC transformer is sold separately below and is not included in this firefly landscape lighting kit.)

Easy to Use Wiring for Installing Your Firefly Lights
Designed for quick and easy installation, our firefly lights are manufactured with generous lengths of dark brown, UL approved electrical wire that goes to each individual electronic firefly. The ability to shape, twist and bend the special wires allows the fireflies to blend seamlessly into any environment and landscape imaginable. Each 12Volt AC transformer is sold separately.

Firefly LED Landscape Lighting Installed on a Pink Rose Stem

Each 14 LEDs Firefly Landscape Lighting Kit Includes:
Hi-tech "electronic brain" that controls the way the fireflies flash, flicker and fade just like real fireflies found in nature.
Sealed water resistant case, insuring the microprocessor and electronics components will last for years.
14 light emitting diodes (LED's) that mimic firefly light color.
UL approved bendable and fade resistant brown wire.
Full 28 foot electronic firefly wire length span.
Various wire lengths: 2 x 14', 2 x 12', 2 x 10', 2 x 8', 2 x 6', 2 x 4', 2 x 3' = 14 total firefly lights with 114' feet of total wire!
Full two (2) year limited warranty.

14 Firefly LED Landscape Lighting Effects in the Dark

Benefits of Our Electronic Firefly Kits:
Each firefly light is built to last for over 100,000 hours of operation.
Every electronic firefly has its own wire for easy placement and to promote movement in a breeze.
Quickly and easily installs almost anywhere imaginable in your front yard, back yard, garden, and even indoors!
After installation, the firefly lights offer extremely low maintenance and low operating costs because they use only new energy efficient LED lights.
Firefly kits can hook up to existing Malibu low voltage 12 Volt AC electrical landscape systems.
Max 4.0 Watts of power usage with an operating temperature of 32 to 120 degrees fahrenheit.

Power Supply Options and Accessories:
A.) 14 solar powered electronic firefly lights
B.) 14 transformer powered electronic firefly lights. Hooks up to a 12Volt transformer - not included.
C.) Transformer with special timer for firefly lights
D.) Connect only to an existing 12 Volt AC UL approved landscape lighting transformer or purchase our accessory power unit.

Custom Designed Firefly Lighting by Request
For custom residential or commercial requests, Wings in Motion can design and create a unique firefly lighting system to meet your special requirements for both outdoor and indoor display areas. Please call or email to let us know what we can do to accommodate your custom requirements for firefly lights. Wings in Motion firefly lights come with a full two-year limited warranty and are manufactured to the highest standard to provide you, your family and your friends with years of trouble-free performance to look forward to.

Power Your Firefly Lights with Solar Energy

We also offer solar powered firefly kits to help you save money on your electrical bill with the added benefit that you can place them anywhere you desire without having to plug them in ever again! Solar powered firefly kits require very low maintenance and practically no operating costs since they are powered by the sun.

Lighting Specifications of Real Fireflies

There are more than 2,000 species of fireflies in the world and over 200 in the United States, with each variety having its own distinctive flash rate and color. Our standard firefly lights replicate the Arthropoda: Insecta; Coleoptera: Lampyrite: Photuris that predominantly uses a 570 nanometer wavelength of light and is slightly lime-green.

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