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 Firefly Theme LED Lights with Batteries

Ni-Cd Battery Power LED Firefly Lights with 1 Hour Timer
To run the battery powered fireflies simply turn the power switch on any time to see the most realistic firefly lights on the market! Each Nicad (Ni-Cd) battery or alkaline battery powered firefly theme unit comes with ten yellow-green Light Emitting Diodes (LED's), each on a 3 foot wire, with a pattern selection switch, an on/off switch and a photocell that turns the entire unit on at dusk. After automatically turning off, the photocell looks for light followed by dark and then turns the unit on when it senses the darkness again. The basic firefly mode blinks the LED's to imitate real fireflies. The lights will run for about an hour and then turn off automatically to conserve battery power life. A red push button allows you to select from the additional light pattern programs. Turn your bright room lights on and off again for a few seconds to start the firefly lights flashing again, when set on automatic mode.

Built-in Battery-Life Saving Program
The unit uses 2 AA batteries and employs a special current saving design to provide for long battery life. Battery life will vary with ambient temperature, and the type of batteries you use. Ni-Cd batteries are included. This is a low drain device and will work with any AA battery on the market. If you have an application that requires between 12-24 hours a day of battery life you may wish to contact us for another firefly lighting model that can run off of an AC power converter, Malibu lights, or solar power with batteries.

Battery Operated Firefly Theme LED Lights - 10 Fireflies

Includes: 10 Firefly LED Lights and 2AA Batteries

Cord: 3' long x 10
Item#: E06041F10
Price: $98
Firefly Theme Battery Operated 10-LED Lights Includes:
10 Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) that look like real fireflies
Photocell to turn unit on at dusk or in the dark
3 foot wires from controller box to each firefly LED light
Firefly light pattern selector button/switch
10 different firefly lighting programs to choose from
Firefly Theme LED Lights Operating in Complete Darkness

Switch Between 10 Different Lighting Programs
The basic firefly mode blinks the 10 LED lights to imitate real fireflies. A red push button allows the selection of additional light patterns which show on the LED lights differently for each pattern you select. To switch to the other light patterns hold the red button down until all the LED's light up and continue to hold down the button until the number of LED's light up that corresponds to the desired light pattern program, and then when you got it right quickly release the red button. Switching the power switch off for several seconds will reset to the default firefly lights program.

Battery Operated Fireflies Light Pattern Programs:
Fireflies blink like real fireflies at different rates.
Setup turns off all lights, then turns on each light in order, so you can arrange the lights in the correct order, 1 through 10, for chase sequences.
Waterfall program, a random flowing lighting effect.
Single chase all LED lights in sequence, one by one, about 1 tenth second apart in timing.
Wait single chase, like single chase, but waits before repeating.
Ambivalent chase, you see the chase in either direction.
Wait ambivalent chase, waits before repeating.
Five chase, five lights chase.
Wait five, chase waits before repeating.
Two chase, 2 LED's spaced 5 lights apart chase each other

Firefly LED Lighting Effect Lights

Outdoor Use of Battery Powered LED Firefly Lights
Our electronic battery operated firefly LED lights may be used outdoors, but you should keep the controller box protected from moisture at all times. Simply use a plastic bag and a tie wrap to secure the electrical components and prevent the batteries from getting wet. The LED's are sealed to make them rain resistant, but it is not suggested that you submerge them in water.

Custom Firefly Lights, Wiring and Other Special Requests

If you wish to have your battery operated electronic fireflies in a different color or have the unit display a custom light pattern, or stay on for longer or shorter times, or even run continuously you can contact us by phone or email and we will do our best to accommodate your custom request. We specialize in creating custom applications for commercial and private projects alike.

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