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 Framed Flock of Flying Butterflies
Every framed flock of "flying" butterflies is made to look like a natural migratory swarm of butterflies of identical species and color sweeping across your wall. These are our most beautifully framed real butterfly collections because they mimic butterfly migrations perfectly! The realistic way each insect is mounted with all of the same species flying in a similar direction is just breathtaking to look at. There are several variations of these multi-framed butterflies: such as the little sulphur butterflies (Eurema lisa), and the Orange Barred Sulfur butterfly (Phoebis philea). A few frames include assorted species of Callicore and Swallowtail butterflies in a natural arching formation. If your are going for an elegant butterfly effect, decorate several of the most important areas around your home or office with a mixture of different butterflies and other amazing insects. For those of you with an eye for interior design, you will see many locations on your walls that could be instantly dressed up with colorful framed butterflies. Buying framed butterflies actually helps the earth's ecology by allowing people to preserve butterfly and moth habitats and populations in the wild. Life wouldn't be the same without these gracious creatures fluttering around our planet.
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Sweeping Butterflies Blue


Sweeping Butterflies Yellow

Sweeping Euremas Yellow Butterfly

Sweeping Callicores Red, Blue Butterflies

Nineteen Butterflies "in flight"

Tight Flock Effect

Black/Red Butterflies

Mixed Large Flock

Butterflies and moths are a great way for anyone from a beginning naturalist to an experienced entomologist to appreciate nature first-hand. If you catch, collect or simply study butterflies and moths, watch out because, you could be considered an lepidopterist before long. A great way to start a butterfly and moth collection is to buy one real butterfly display at a time.

Quite often butterflies get confused with moths, but there are a few simple differences between them. Even though both, butterflies and moths, belong to the great order of Lepidoptera they can still be distinguished by certain general characteristics such as that butterflies fly by day and moths fly at night. All higher butterflies go into the chrysalis state and form a pupae without making a silken cocoon, while most higher moths do in fact make a silky cocoon. On the one side, the bodies of the butterflies are usually slender, while those of moths are usually much larger and stout. The antennae of the butterflies are generally slender and commonly enlarged at the end-tips into a miniature "club". While the antennae of larger moths are commonly feathery or long and slender, tapering gradually toward the tip. Butterflies always have a feeding mechanism (proboscis-tongue), whereas moths often do not have any feeding organ. This type of moth simply doesn't eat as an adult and has to do all of its eating earlier in the larvae stage of their life. Another comparison reveals that butterflies rest with their wings closed whilst moths land with them open. One notable exception to this are the butterflies of the Hamadryas genus (Nymphaliinae) that land exclusively with their wings laid flat out.
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