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  Framed Insect Products F.A.Q.

What Does "Entomon" Mean?
Entomon is the Greek word for "insects" and its also the name of our web site. Since we offer over 400 different insect themed items we thought it was only appropriate. Some of our insect products are sold live, others are preserved and framed, and one of the most innovative insect products to come along in recent years is our electronic moving species of American butterflies, tropical butterflies, moths, and dragonflies that were designed to look and move exactly like the species they mimic.

Does Buying Framed Insects Endanger their Populations?
It is our company policy not to trade in endangered, rare or otherwise protected wildlife. We source our insect supplies using only abundant species from Government regulated ranching cooperatives covering over 15 different countries worldwide. Far from endangering insects, your purchase actually helps to conserve the land that they need to survive by making it profitable as an insect habitat instead of the same land being used as farmland or for wood cutting leading to deforestation.

What is Included with Each Framed Insect?
Every framed insect is placed in either a wood frame or an imitation wood frame made of recycled materials. The fronts, and often the backs, are made of transparent glass or acrylic - where specified. Each insect is inspected for quality and is guaranteed to be in good condition. Most of the framed insects also come with a map showing you which part of the world they originated.

Do You Offer Gift Cards?
A gift card comes FREE with every order you make with our company. Once your order is placed a window will appear that will allow you to customize your FREE gift card. You can choose between numerous card themes covering every conceivable occasion and you can also send a unique message on this card to that special someone and it will be included inside the box so that when the gift arrives the recipient will be double surprised!

Do Real Butterfly Wings Fade?
If real butterfly wings are placed in direct sunlight for extended periods of time their bright colorations will tend to dull a little. The good news is that if you leave your framed butterflies out of direct sunlight their colors with stay vibrant almost indefinitely! Take care of your framed butterflies and there is no reason that they couldn't stay in your family for generations to come.

What Kinds of Butterfly and Insect Products are Available?
There are so many species of insects for sale on this web site that it would make for a huge list so to make things easier here is a list of the main groups: Framed Butterflies, Live Butterflies, Electronic American Butterflies, Electronic Tropical Butterflies, Framed Moths, Electronic Moths, Glow in the Dark Electronic Butterflies and Moths, Framed Dragonflies, Electronic Dragonflies, Framed Lantern flies, Framed Beetles, Framed Grasshoppers, Framed Stick Insects, Framed Scorpions, Framed Centipedes, Framed Spiders, Framed Bats, Framed Praying Mantis, Framed Leaf Insects, Varieties of Framed Insects, Framed Locusts and Cicadas, Insect Earrings, Insect Bangles, Insect Bracelets, Insect Key Chains, Acrylic Paperweights, American Butterfly Magnets, Tropical Butterfly Magnets, Dragonfly Magnets, Glow in the Dark Butterfly and Moth Magnets.

What Should I do if I'm Looking for an Insect that I Can't Find?
Feel free to email us or call our toll free number 888-244-4059 to ask about an insect species that you want but can't seem to find. We are more than happy to either tell you where the species can be found or we will check with our diverse array of suppliers worldwide and see if we can source it for you.

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We accept the following debit and credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.

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