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 Mammal Bat for Sale in a Picture Box

A bat can draw a lot of attention when put on display, for obvious reasons... its terrifying! Bats are the only mammal that can fly with a wing span that can reach up to about six feet. A common misconception is that bats are not blind, but this is not true. Bats can actually see very well, its just that most see in black and white, not color. For their survival, bats depend on very good hearing to find food, maneuver around in the dark, and locate their babies. They are capable of doing this with "Bat Radar" Or echolocation which is similar to radar, the bats emit very high frequency vocalizations through its mouth and sometimes nose as it flies. Though bats are hated and feared buy some people, they may also be the single best controller of the insect kingdom. Bats may eat as many as 600 mosquito-size insects in an hour. An average size bat colony may eat 1/2 million insects in one evening.

More closely related to primates and people than they are to rodents, bats are actually very clean and groom themselves similar to cats. Bats can be found in almost every part of the world except where it is very, very hot or in the really cold areas and on some remote islands. They live on all continents except Antarctica. The framed bat in a wood picture box we offer is a great gift for any occasion and is a real hit at Halloween!

Bat in a Pine Wood Frame

Size: 16"x7"x2"
Item#: 08821
Price: $136.94
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