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 Butterfly, Cicada, and Dragonfly Earrings

Instead of having your butterfly, cicada or dragonfly earrings made from only a small piece of a wing, now you can have the whole wing - no additional embellishment is necessary due to the innate beauty of butterflies, dragonflies, cicada, and other insect wings when permanently sealed in clear resin as complete pairs of earrings. Who wants hand-painted fake butterfly earrings when you can have real pairs of butterfly wings, cicada wings, and dragonfly wings as earrings?

Nothing can capture the beauty of a butterfly or a dragonfly quite like wearing a pair of earrings made out of them encased in crystal clear acrylic resin. Now you can get pairs of butterfly and cicada earrings made from an entire matching set of hindwings or forewings! Smaller butterfly species with extravagant colorations make ideal earrings when using both pairs of upper and lower wings together. Each butterfly earring pairs perfectly to the other earring and is usually made of the hindwing, the forewing, or both upon request, of a dragonfly, butterfly or cicada of your choice. Fact: Real butterflies have two pairs of overlapping wings that can be retracted at will to camouflage themselves in their surrounding environment.

Our pairs of butterfly earrings and necklaces come in dozens of varieties. Choosing your butterfly theme has never been so easy! Call us to check which pairs of dragonfly, cicada and butterfly earrings we currently have in-stock before ordering to secure your favorite species before it sells out.

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