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 Real Butterflies in Rectangular Frames
Our larger framed butterfly collections are very impressive with their colorful assortments of totally different butterfly species. Each framed butterfly has its common and/or scientific names listed. This makes the newest addition to your butterfly collection not only a beautiful attraction, but also an educational tool. Some of the real butterflies in rectangular frames include: Red Helen, Orange Albatross, Lemon Migrant, 5-bar Swordtail, and many more. In this assorted collection there are between 9 and 19 different butterflies to each frame. Frames vary from double glass, to shadow boxes with standard black frames and can be placed on top desks, bookshelves or on any flat surface in addition to using them as wall hangings. Having real butterflies in rectangular frames will be a real hit in your home or your office and a useful conversation piece for when you invite guests over. Butterflies make the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the nature!

The Great Egg fly, shown here along with 14 other brilliantly assorted butterflies, has velvet-black wings with iridescent purple edged patches of white. This vivid butterfly is commonly found in the Southern Hemisphere in Malaysia and Australia. Known for their territorial behavior, male Great Egg flies will chase away intruders that infringe on their domain, while the female egg flies are creatures of habit and often spend their entire lives on the same flower.
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Monarchs (Danaus plexippus) are the long-distance champions when it comes to butterfly migrations, performing the longest migration of any known insect in the known world. Every fall Monarchs, sometimes reaching up to 250 million or more, empty out of the United States, Southern Canada, and East of the Rocky Mountains and journey South to their overwintering roosts in the mountain fir forests of West Mexico City. Newly hatched adults will also make the same trek North. Monarchs, from the Northern edge of their summer range in Canada, may migrate in swarms for up to 3,000 miles just to reach their winter roosts. Monarchs are strong fliers, and can, believe it or not, fly up to 20 MPH and often at altitudes of over 10,000 feet. With the help of Monarch tags researchers have empirical proof that they can travel at least 80 miles in a day. Monarchs have crossed the Pacific Ocean into Australia and New Zealand and have even established butterfly populations in Hawaii and other Pacific Islands that are non-migratory because the ideal weather and environmental conditions.

Like nearly all insects, butterflies are strong and resilient, but they are prone to all of the limitations that accompany their small body size. Compared to migratory birds, migratory butterflies are much slower, they have an inferior aerodynamic design, plus poor vision, and a very limited capacity to learn. Nevertheless, each year millions of butterflies somehow manage to make their way across vast distances, and even Continents!
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