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 Real Butterfly Earrings & Insect Earrings

Accentuate your outfit with real insect and butterfly earrings collected from around the world. Our butterfly wings and insect wing earrings retain their vivid iridescent colors even under extended exposure to natural sunlight. The protective clear coating retains the same natural lighting effects of real butterflies and the optical properties that occur when you view real butterfly wings at different angles, the color changes because of iridescence, especially in the blue and green earrings of certain butterfly tropical butterfly species.

The clear encasing surrounding all of our insect earrings creates a hermetic seal with the real insect and butterfly earrings, or wings, saddled perfectly inside. Our real butterfly earrings and the other types of insect jewelry items we sell are guaranteed to have no imperfections or scratches when you receive them in the mail.

Inventory does tend to fluctuate throughout the year so feel free to email us and check if your favored butterfly earrings or insect earrings are currently available and in-stock, or for discounts, and to keep updated on new butterfly earrings and necklaces for sale that are arriving soon!

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