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 Real Butterfly Fashion Necklaces
We offer 100% real handcrafted butterfly fashion necklaces and earrings preserved with a transparent hermetic coating via our meticulous radiation polymer colloid multi-ply process. Each of our real butterfly fashion necklaces are fully guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. None of fashionable colorations from the real wings are lost in process, the transparent coating is non-yellowing and will not change colors of the wing, or wings, inside the fashion necklaces over time. Every butterfly fashion necklace is guaranteed to have a perfectly smooth surface texture, to the touch, on all sides - with no visible imperfections. No other type of fashion jewelry is as colorful, even when compared to gold and diamond jewelry, as our real butterfly fashion necklaces.
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Live Monarch Butterfly for Wedding Release
Live Painted Lady Butterfly for Wedding Release
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