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Butterfly watching is a popular hobby worldwide. There are several ways to observe butterflies in their natural habitat such as photography, along with more intrusive methods such as collecting and identifying them one by one. The main problem with collecting and preserving your own insects is that they may be endangered or protected it is important to try to be more careful beforehand and research the insects that you are looking to collect to make sure you won't be disturbing their populations. Butterflies make excellent subjects for photography, but getting a good picture can be extremely challenging even when the butterflies you are trying to photograph aren't flying since they are almost always walking around or perching with their wings folded up. There is nothing quite like getting out in nature and seeing a butterfly float by in its natural environment. Believe it or not, with every exotic butterfly you collect you are helping to preserve their environment for future generations.
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Morpho Peleides Butterfly

Morpho Menalaus Butterfly

Bring nature's most beautiful and tranquil scenery inside your home with unique see-thru framed butterflies. Each of our popular and uniquely framed insects comes with each specimen mounted by a hand in a frame. Every frame is thick enough to stand on their own, and can be easily hung using built-in hardware. Frames are constructed using either natural wood or satin-finish imitation wood made of recycled materials. Whether your home decor is based on classical or contemporary styles, individually framed butterflies will compliment and enhance your space with a touch of nature. See thru double glass framed butterflies make wonderful wall decor gifts and are a guaranteed conversation piece to install when you decide to decorate your home or office. Framed butterflies make an original and unique gift for your family or friends, which is especially attractive since they have been raised on natural cruelty-free tropical farms around the world.
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