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Electronic Moving Insects
3-7 days from ordering to delivery.

Framed and Mounted Insects

2-3 weeks from ordering to delivery. We will contact you if your item is on backorder.

Tracking Number Notification

As soon as your order is shipped we will email or call you with the tracking number and the shipping carrier info guaranteed!


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Live Butterflies for Release
24 hrs on prescheduled delivery date.

Overnight Live Butterflies

Live insects are sent using an overnight air delivery service at a flat rate of $45 covering shipping and handling throughout the Continental United States. This is done to ensure that the living creatures are not harmed.

Live butterflies can't be shipped outside the United States. Contact our office for live butterflies available locally in your country.

Shopping Cart Shipping Calculator

To calculate the shipping rate for your order simply add your products into the online shopping cart one at a time using "add to cart" buttons, then when you want to find out the shipping and handling for those items push the "checkout" button and see the total cost for your shipment (sent to locations throughout the continental United States.

Phone to Get Shipping Amount:
Over the telephone, fax, or postal mail we will provide you with a shipping and handling rate for your order each order.

Shipping Carriers
Deliveries are made using either the United States Postal Service (USPS) or Federal Express (FedEx). Please let us know if you would like to use your shipping account with our carriers or United Parcel Service (UPS) or DHL Express account numbers to cover your shipping costs. If you use a P.O. Box for a shipping address, we will have to send your order via USPS since most other carriers do not deliver to post office boxes.

Next Day and Faster Shipping Methods:
If you absolutely need an item shipped out next day, please telephone us in advance to make sure your item is in stock. If an item is on back order or in the process of being manufactured custom to your specifications or if you have a specific delivery date in mind, please let us know. If you use our automated system, it only calculates for domestic Continental United States 3-5 day delivery. Additional fees are required for overnight, or second day shipping.

Shipping Insurance:
All of the products we offer are insured covering loss and damages that occur during the shipping process. If there is a problem with your package when it arrives please let us know immediately so that we can get a replacement item ready for you ASAP.

Please Confirm: International Shipping Arrangements
Please call or email to confirm shipping and handling fees for shipping your order internationally, outside the USA. The buyer, or recipient, is exclusively responsible for any importation taxes, tariffs, customs duties, brokerage fees and expenses related to importation and compliance with local import laws for each country. Please consult your local country Customs Service and other relevant authorities to confirm that no restrictions or special requirements apply to your order. We are not responsible for delays or costs resulting from acts or decisions of local governmental agencies concerning the importation of your order.

Small International Shipments

For smaller items weighing less than two pounds we ship using USPS Priority International since it is by far the most economical method of international shipping. However, this method does not allow for a tracking number - unless it is insured, which brings up the cost considerably. Please let us know your shipping preference and budget. If you place an international order using our online shopping cart we will e-mail you with the additional shipping charges and terms.

Shipping Details for Mirrors, Fountains and Candle Holders:
All items, except glass candle holders, will be shipped in wood crates to prevent the fragile glass from breaking. Since many of our glass and mirror products are made with custom etching to order delivery may occur anywhere from 7-21 days for shipments sent within the continental United States and Canada.

Please review our Customer Service - Frequently Asked Questions page for additional product and shipping information or call our office to tell us your shipping needs and special requirements.

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