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Firefly Light Effect:
 Twilight Firefly Insect Lighting Effect
Firefly Lighting that Mimics Real Firefly Light and Motion
There is absolutely nothing more magical and spectacular than to see real fireflies intermittently flickering around lighting up the night! These amazing flashing luminous fireflies, or lightning bugs, live in the Eastern United States and have been found as far west as Southern Idaho, and various other warm humid areas throughout the world. This fascinating phenomena of nature is now available with our realistic twilight firefly insect lighting effects you can decorate your home, office, backyard or business. At nighttime or a dark room all you'll see are incredible little moving fireflies!

Electronic Fireflies to Enhance Your Special Occasion

Electronic fireflies are very simple and easy to install if you are decorating for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and parties. Twilight firefly insect lighting effects can be installed in just minutes and then, just as quickly, taken down the next day. For permanent applications, fireflies can easily be installed right into your outdoor lighting decor so that your family, friends and guests will be amazed when they look and think there are real fireflies in your yard!


Twilight Firefly Insect Lighting Effect - 4 Fireflies

Includes: 4 Firefly Insect Lights
Cord: 34' long
Item#: E06021FF1

Rated for Over a 1,000 Days of Firefly Light
Twilight firefly insect lighting effects use a low amount of electric power, however they will outlast the real firefly with over 25,000 hours of operation! This realistic firefly insect light effect product contains the components for exactly 4 fireflies.

4 Assembled Firefly Lighting Effects with Components

Each 4-Firefly Insect Lighting Kit Includes:
4 Light Emitting Diodes (LED's)
Main Feeder Cable for Fireflies21'
13' AC/DC Adapter Cord
52" Cord from Fireflies to Main Feeder Cable
30" Spacing Between Each Firefly
4 Miniature 7-Blade (1.5" Diameter) Fans Rated for 25,000 Hrs.
4 Quick-Connect Couplings
5 Small Metal Clamps (Pre-attached)
2 Round Hooks (Pre-attached)
Firefly LED Lighting Effect Lights

Firefly FAQ's:

What are Electronic Fireflies?
Our Wings In Motion electronic Firefly lighting effect kits are a low voltage simulation of true Fireflies; you know those tiny Lightning Bugs that meander in a random fashion in the night sky. Fireflies are truly captivating, their unique lights are so lifelike in color, that you'll swear that the real tiny, elusive fireflies are dancing magically in the night along with them.

How Do They Work?
Firefly lighting effect kits operate through a UL approved power adaptor reducing normal household voltage down to the equivalent of a "C" size battery.To operate your fireflies simply connect them to a power source, then you'll see the tiny fans move the small LED wire leads, which have an light emitting from the end that is the same color as real fireflies and they simulate in a random fashion and make the perfect nighttime party lighting effect.

What Do I Get For My Money?
We will send you a compact box that features 6 Firefly Fan Motor Leads with male quick-connect couplings, a Main Feeder Cable with six quick-connect female couplings and an AC/DC Adapter with power cables. Of course a small Users Manual is included showing you how simple the installation really is and includes all the Warranty details.

How or Where Do I Install Firefly Lights?
To install your electronic lighted moving Fireflies, first choose a location that will provide an adequately large dark backdrop. Allow at least 3 feet between the Fireflies fan motor leads and any other object. These life like firefly lights will enhance you entertainment area, backyard or gazebo way more than just normal garden lights and landscape lighting effects.

Electronic Fireflies are compact, they're lightweight and ready to install the moment you get them out of the box, and no special tools or supplies are needed for their installation. The included Users Manual shows exactly how to decorate with them using the Hooks and Clips that come included allow you to hang them just about anywhere, and not only from your trees, but also from a fence, a hanging cable, framework, sticks, poles, they're even great for apartment residents who can string them along their balcony for extra effect, plus your living room, bedroom or whatever works best for you! These life like firefly lights will enhance you entertainment area or backyard way more than you can imagine.

Where Would I Use Electronic Fireflies?
These unique realistic Fireflies are great for all occasions that are special to you, whether it’s a large party or an intimate dinner for two on the patio. Kids are enthralled by the magical lights of fireflies too. If you have an apartment, Electronic Fireflies also look great in your kitchen, living room, dining room and even your bedroom or wherever you want to put them. And don't forget that Wings In Motion electronic Firefly lighting effect kits make thoughtful gifts!

What is The True Value of Firefly Lights?
Once you connect our electronic Fireflies and experience their truly captivating affect you will experience the true value of this product. These Fireflies have taken over 20 years to perfect and are a highly technical product comprising miniature fan modules and custom designed fittings to make home installation and operation so simple. When compared to what else is available in the market place in terms of electronic fireflies, there is nothing that even comes close to our Twighlight Firefly Light Decorations!

If I Don't Like Them Can I Return Them?
Yes, of course, each electronic moving Firefly Kit comes with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked so long as the product is still working and completely intact with all components properly in the box.

What If They Don't Work?
This is not expected that to happen very often since all units are tested prior to your shipment. However, our Defective Unit Replacement Guarantee means that we will replace your original order free of charge. Yes, Fireflies are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials used during their manufacture for a period of 3 months from your purchase date.

Are They Dangerous For My Animals and Kids?
No, however we do recommend that as electronic Fireflies are not toys, they should be positioned out of reach of small children and animals. Due their Low Voltage operation electronic Fireflies are not electrically dangerous.

For How Long Will They Work?
The electronic firefly light kits have miniature fans rated for 25,000 hours of operation however we do recommend that to gain maximum product life the fireflies should not be left out in the rain or high winds for long. Taking them down and storing them away is only a 5 minute job, it’s so simple using the quick-coupling connectors.

Can I Combine Electronic Fireflies with Electronic Moving Butterflies, Dragonflies and Moth Products?
Yes, all of the products use a very low amount of electricity and will complement each other very well in your creative space. Since fireflies are a night time effect product we recommend to combine them with the glow-in-the-dark electronic moving insects. This makes truly a spectacular display to entertain your friends and family!

Do You Offer Volume Discounts or Wholesale prices?
Yes, in reference to wholesale and volume discounts just contact our office for more information.

How Will My Order Be Shipped to Me?
The Fireflies are packaged in an outer protective box and delivered to your door by Fed Ex or US Post.

How Long Will They Take to Reach Me?
You will receive your package within 3-7days of placing your order. If you request a 2-day rush order please call our office.

At nighttime all you'll see are incredible moving fireflies!

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